Have your debts been passed on to a third‑party collection company?
If so, you may not have to repay the debt.

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    Once you've signed a letter of authority, the legal team on your behalf will contact your creditors to establish if you will benefit from our service being offered.

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    To allow the legal team to correctly assess your situation you will need to provide us with a copy of your creditor statements or referance numbers and who is holding the debt.

  • 3

    You will be provided with a "legal opinion" once the legal team have assessed your situation as to whether you need to repay the debt to your creditors.

  • 4

    A 24 month Fixed Fee payment plan will be arranged by the Law Firm to have your debts either made unenforceable or written off. From the moment you retain the services of the legal team you will not hear from your creditors.

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    If for any reason we cannot provide the service described to you. All fees will be refunded pro rata.

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